Another day another brew '
by [root] @ 2018-11-26 07:03:01 -0500 EST

Saturday December 1st 2018 @ 10:00

This weekend (Saturday) is another of foulab’s brewing days, and this one will be open to the wider world of brewing enthusiasts and beginners! We’ll be doing iseveral examples of beer kits. With enough public interest, we can do a formal workshop complete with notes and presentation. Alternately we can use the stand around the brew pot and chitchat learning method.

We’ll start at about 10:00. On average, brewing takes 5 hours +/- discussion period.

For those who would like a formal presentation and notes, recommended donation to help cover material costs is 10$ to 20$. While all donations are always appreciated, if you just want to drop in for brewing chitchat and to help stir the brew no donation is needed.